Make Sure Your Jewelry Is Protected This Winter

Winter can be a beautiful yet brutal season. The snowfall can certainly make for some pretty stunning scenery, but the weather can be damaging to your possessions. You prepare your home and vehicle for winter to prevent seasonal damage, but do you protect your jewelry, too? Maybe you don’t think about it since your jewelry doesn’t get that one-on-one contact with the winter weather like a house or car does.

However, the bitter cold temperatures, sweaters and layered clothing, and powdery snow can pose all sorts of threats. Keep your jewelry protected with these useful tips.

Keep your jewelry simple: As much as you may want to wear and show off your beautiful jewelry in the winter, necklaces, rings, and bracelets can easily get caught on shirts and accessories like scarves and gloves. This is not only annoying but can damage your jewelry and/or clothing. It’s best to wear jewelry that stays close to your body and isn’t loose or dangly.

Ensure your rings fit properly: Your body reacts to changes in temperature and cold environments can make your fingers shrink. Because your fingers can shrink, your rings may begin to feel loose and may potentially fall off. Do the shake test and see if your ring moves a lot or comes off when you shake your hand. If your ring feels too loose, look into ring guards or consider having it resized. Keep in mind that in the summertime, your fingers tend to swell due to the warm temperatures.

Avoid wearing it when engaging in physical activities: Winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, and sledding, as well as working out, put your jewelry at an increased risk for chips, breaks, and loss. It’s best to not wear it when participating in such activities. You can place your jewelry in a box to put it away for the time being. Make sure to keep anti-tarnish paper strips or anti-tarnish paper in the box to prevent them from tarnishing.

Clean your jewelry regularly: Poor winter weather can cause dirt and grime buildup and cause your jewelry to lose the strong sparkle it once had. You should clean your jewelry once a month and more often for jewelry that you wear daily. Many prefer the DIY method with water, baking soda, and a toothbrush, or you can take it to a local jeweler.

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