Jewelry for any Occasion & on a Budget!

Well, it looks like winter isn’t over. No matter how much I wish upon the brightest star in the sky, you just control the weather.

Thankfully, we have other plans to keep the cabin fever away. Here at Sharon's Jewelry we like to travel, since this is not always feasible let’s just travel virtually.

How does that sound? Ok, let’s start the engine and get this plane off the ground.

As we waltz into a new week, I find that proper reflection is in order. For the passed few weeks, I have been talking about fashion and home decor products on a budget. I know that sometime budgeting may seem like your settling for less, but this misconception stops here! You shouldn’t have to settle and thanks to the many esty merchandise owners, we can get the products we all love. P.S. all of the items are one of a kind, so that makes you exclusive.

The first product in our series comes all the way from the U.S . No you can’t eat this product, but you can wear it.

Of course, during the spring and summer time we tend to switch costume jewelry like drinking water, but not this time. The Blue Swarovski Crystal Necklace is symbolic and offers clarity.

Wearing jewelry is more meaningful than we think, in fact, the colors we wear reflects ours emotions. Different colors have meaning and the story behind them is important to know.

The mystery lies within and only know the secret.

The Material of Our Jewelry:

925 Sterling Silver

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