How to Make Silver Jewelry from 3D Printed Molds

With the help of a multitool 3D printer and 3D printed molds, a talented designer was able to manufacture her own unique silver jewelry.

Sharon's Jewelry, who designs and fabricates her own 3D printed jewelry, proved this recently with her collection of unique silver ornaments. Furthermore, her process can be applied to cast various types of metal objects.

It’s possible to 3D print with silver or gold, but it’s not easy and certainly not cheap. The technology is still experimental and requires a powder-based industrial 3D printer, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, and wastes a lot of expensive material in the process. This is why 3D printing is being used in jewelry mostly for creating plastic or metal prototypes, wax models, and 3D printed molds, which are later needed for actual metal casting. It makes the entire process faster and simpler, but still involve some of the traditional techniques.

Even when you decide to outsource mold creations or the entire manufacturing process, it still can be quite expensive and take 8 to 12 days to ship them, especially when you want to make single items instead of buying one of the ready-to-order pieces. This is why we decided to recreate the process used by the outsourcing companies in our own workshop with a multitool 3D printer and a help from a local jeweler. Our goal was to create something unique relatively quick and at minimum costs. And we succeeded!

We used our multitool 3D printer to manufacture jewelry prototypes, forms, and molds, which were later used by a professional jeweler to cast silver rings, earrings, and a pendant. Simple post-processing techniques were enough to clean, polish and finalize these unique pieces of jewelry.

The results are simply gorgeous! Packed in custom-made boxes the entire collection of jewelry have this unique feel and can make for a very chic and memorable gift, while the entire costs of materials and manufacturing closed at 150$.

Desktop-size multitool 3D printers can be used as an alternative to more expensive tools and services, and still are able to boost the traditional jewelry making. It’s worth noting, that while providing significant time and cost savings, this process requires more work than ordering a mold or an existing piece of jewelry online. That’s why we recommend it to DIY makers and artists like Sharon, who have passion and time, want to create things, and express themselves in their unique crafts.

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